Emergency and/or Extended Care

To access our Emergency OOH service just dial your local branch and you will automatically be transferred to our emergency service provider – Vets Now in Swansea. Altenatively please call Vets Now direct on 01792 775572.

We know your pet can become ill or suffer accidents at any time. To make sure you have access to the same high quality care you receive in the day time we have chosen to partner with Vets Now to provide our Emergency Out of Hours Care.

Vets Now will always be there when we are closed so that you can rest assured that you and your pet will have a vet and nurse on hand whether it is four in the morning or half way through Christmas. Their fully qualified staff will provide free advice over the phone and advise whether you need to take your pet into their Swansea clinic for immediate treatment. Please don’t hesitate to call them if you are at all concerned. Similarly to Bush House, their staff are highly experienced and knowledgeable in emergency medicine and by using Vets Now to cover our Emergency OOH calls it enables our vets and nurses to focus on providing the high quality care for our inpatients kept in during the day and our weekend surgery hours that we pride ourselves on.

Vets Now will take over from us when we close in the evenings and at the weekends out of Bush House Vets surgery hours but please remember Bush House Vets offer surgeries in Ammanford on Saturday mornings (9-1) and Llandeilo on Sunday mornings (10-1). Bush House Vets will continue to care for all our inpatients throughout the night and non surgery hours.

To access our Emergency OOH service just dial your local branch in the usual way and you will hear an instruction to press 1 for our emergency service which will put you straight through to Vets Now.

Symptom Checker

Concerned about your pet? does your pet need to see us and how urgent is it? please use our symptom checker to find out.

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